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Spring Accessories Catalog …


Spring Accessories Catalog is here

It’s here! The 2014 A Muse Studio Spring Accessories Catalog & Inspiration Guide is available for download now.

The Spring Accessories Guide is filled with new products that were designed to complement products in the main catalog. There are tons of creative ideas in the Guide that will make great projects and cards sure to inspire you!

New Dies!
Graphic words are hot right now and we’ve got three everyday phrases you’re gonna love. Use them on their own, pair them with a stamped sentiment or image, layer them with washi tape or our new patterned paper: the sky really is the limit for these. They’re even great for scrapbooking.
We’ve also added adorable bunnies, a basket, mini flowers, and egg dies. But don’t stop there, pair new dies with ones from the Main Catalog – like the big egg and grass border – to create adorable scenes. And don’t forget flocking (these bunnies are just begging for a little fuzzy fun). C

We’ve added more to our line-up of Baker’s Cording, Glitter, Pocket-Page Albums, and Splash! Specifically new for Spring: “Bunny Bums” for adding a whimsical touch to our bunny stamps and dies (you can also add color with Splash!), decorate the top of a box or card … and anything else you can dream up for mini pom poms. TIP: If it’s not already in your adhesive arsenal, put Mono Aqua on your order. It’s perfect for adhering Bunny Bums and the new word dies. It’s my go-to adhesive for both of these new items (and I love that it dries fast because that makes it easy to use).

Another fun embellishment that may surprise you – crepe paper! It adds great texture and dimension that’s perfect for layering and ruffling (or simply as a fun party decoration). I think its many uses will delight you. You’ll see a wide selection of solids and two really cute polka dot patterns.

Last, but certainly not least, Patterned Paper!
We are truly excited for the debut collection of patterned paper. The 12 multi-color designs in the collection are vibrant and fun: florals, hip geometrics, ombre, and more. Each design is lovely on it’s own, but all coordinate beautifully with our Signature colors. 6×6 papers are wildly popular with crafters of all kinds, but especially cardmakers and I’m thrilled it’s a product category we now offer.

So now take a look at all that we offer and get those lists ready!

Ordering begins on March 1st.
To place your order on March 1st – go to
Contact me with any questions or assistance with ordering. I am here to help.


Stamping … The Next Generation —



On Saturday, my niece, Nina, and her Mom and Dad spent the day with the hubster and I.  My BIL Chad made (and I paid close attention) to his wedding soup.  The bestest wedding soup around I might add.  Well, any cook knows that there are “down times” when the ingredients actually have to cook.  Nina and I took this opportunity to sneak into my stamp room and have some fun!!  She made a “feel better” card for another Aunt of hers and a Valentine for her Grandma.  She enjoyed making the cards so much that I sent her home with a “starter kit” of sorts …. a black ink pad, some paper and a few stamps.  Ahhhhhh … the beginning of a new generation of stamping —-




A Muse Studio — join my team. 

amuse studio starter kit special

Just a quickie post …


Easter is approaching … the infamous “beer bottle bunnies” may just make a guest appearance here.  Stayed tuned ……

Wow …


I can’t believe that almost two years have gone by without a post!  I’m such a slacker. hee hee

Well, I’m still papercrafting/stamping/card making with the bestest bunch of gals anyone could ask for.  For quite some time we have been doing monthly get togethers.  I so look forward to spending time with some great ladies and getting inky!!!

Some bad news to share during these last two years … I lost my toy poodle, Sophie on April 30, 2012.  She was a week shy of her 16th birthday and I had her since she was 7 weeks old. 

Soph Stamp

I still miss her.  I do want to get another someday.  The hardest part will be convincing the hubster.  Every time I broach the subject I get negative responses like “the more pets you have, the more you bury”.  He also tries to turn this into concern for me by saying “You will get attached and worry about the dog and that’s not good for you”.  Maybe he’s having a harder time with losing Soph than I thought he would and these “excuses” are really just his way of saying HE’S not ready yet.  I will give it a bit more time and really discuss it with him.

To close out 2012 my dear sister Rose (“Iola”) gave us all quite a scare by having a heart attack.  She now has two stints to open an artery blocked in two places.  She’s doing well.  Actually, she’s climbing the walls because she is so used to going to work everyday and she hasn’t been able to do that in three weeks.  We shall see what the dr. says this week about her returning to work.

Other than the above, everything else is pretty much status quo.  Work is really, really, really busy and a big change is coming soon … I will update as I have more information in the near future!!!!

I will make an effort to keep this blog updated a bit more this year!!!

Happy stamping everyone.

Yipppeeeeeee …


Got to stamp with Iola and friends this weekend.  I have a few cards to put some finishing touches on and I will get them posted.  I really needed some stamping therapy!!!  Stay tuned ……

Got my shot …


for my knee.  I’ve come to a conclusion that doctors lie.  Maybe for some people that’s OK, but not for me.  I outright asked him when we were discussing doing this “chicken shot” thing how bad it will hurt.  He said and I quote “no more than a normal shot”.  I’ve have cortisone shots in the heels of my feet for heel spurs and I asked him to compare it to that.  He said, and again I quote “this is nothing compared to THOSE”.  I guess I’m either naive or gullible and I believed him.  Will I EVER learn?  Probably not.  Let me tell you, this hurt WAY worse just putting the needle in, then he had to MOVE the needle twice to get the gel in different locations.   I am a “give it to me straight” kind of person.  I don’t like thing sugar-coated nor do I sugar-coat my opinions and advice.  I have been told many, many, many times that I am brutally honest.  I guess I deserve brutal honesty from all I am associated with.  If the dr. would have said “Yes, since this is a thick gel I have to use a huge needle and it going to hurt quite a bit and since I’m putting all this gel substance in your knee you won’t be able to bend your knee for a while and since the space in your knee is now filled with a foreign substance it is still going to hurt” would I have opted out of the shot and a chance for relief from my pain???  Hell no!!!  I would still have gotten the shot and endured the short time pain in the hope of a long term pain relief.  I just hope that someday this dr. has knee problems and his dr. is as much as a complete jackass as he is to his patients.

So, now the search for a new doctor begins.  I must do my research as to do I want to see another ortho guy or do I want to see an arthritis doctor.  Maybe a combo will help.  I going to wait a week and see what happens.  If it feels no better by this time next week, I guess my only option is to find an ortho who will consider doing a knee replacement and not letting me suffer another 10 -15 years in pain.  If I have to wait that long, I might as well just quit my job and never leave the house again because I won’t be able to get around if the pain does not diminish or go away.

On a happy note, today is FRIDAY!!!  Tomorrow Iola, Kathy and Jackie are coming to my house as it is my turn for our monthly play date!  I get to stamp with friends.  Wooo hoo.  Stamping and friends will put the pain on the back burner for a few hours and I will have some fun.

Happy weekend everyone!!!