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Happy Halloween …


Well, it’s finally Halloween.  Even tho I don’t get any trick or treaters on my block, I am enjoying all the scary movies on TV.  Yea, that’s a guilty pleasure of mine … B (and even some C and D) rated stupid scary movies!!!  I tend to view them as comedy! 

Anywho … I’m still sharing some cards from my SHOTS weekend …

A lot of us have shoebox swaps available at our table … it gives us a chance to 1) accomplish something so that we have at least something to show for the 3.5 days of being aways from our families and 2) a chance to catch up and socialize in the event that we are working on a serious project …

Here is Karen’s shoebox —

This one is Debbie’s —

Funny story about this one — after gluing on each individual leaf, I made a comment like “this is really cute but gluing those leaves on were a pain”.  A few of the ladies just looked at me and said “I just put tape around the circle and stuck the leaves on”.  That was a real “DUHHH!” moment for me.

This one is Joyce’s —

And this one is Jacqueline’s —

Have a great Halloween everyone!  Don’t get too scared!

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  1. Kathy permalink
    10/31/2010 8:32 pm

    Hey Girlfriend! I’m also a closet scary movie fan, although I was disappointed this year in what was being offered…too many repeats but luckily I have most of my favorites on tape or dvd 🙂

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