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Knee …


The other day I “jarred” my knee.  I was walking on carpet and decided to stop and go a different way.  Well, from my knees up turned, but from the knees down did not.  My left knee emitted a loud pop and I saw stars from the pain.  I truly have no idea how I finished the day at work or how I got home.  For the next few days it seemed to feel OK.  A bit sore, but bearable (unfortunately I have a high pain tolerance so “bearable” to me was probably hurting pretty bad for normal people).  I did make an appt with the ortho for next Friday.  By yesterday, I was in some major pain.  I felt as if I would cry if I had to walk more than three steps.  So, I decided to just stay home and call the dr. first thing and hope they were having cancellations because we were having some snow.  Thank the Lord there were some cancellations and I got in.

The good news is that nothing is ripped or torn.  The bad news is that I have arthritic deterioration in both knees with the left being a bit worse.  The next step is an MRI on Tuesday.  If there are floating pieces of cartlidge, I will need surgery to remove them and then injections of a gel like substance to keep the knee lubricated.  If no “floaters”, I will begin the shots.  Hopefully some relief is on the way.

Sorry this wasn’t a stamping/craft related post, but I am really trying to keep my resolution of blogging more often.

So, send me some good thoughts because I am a real baby when it comes to shots.  The good thing was that when I mentioned getting cortizone shots in my heels for heel spurs, the ortho said these are nothing compared to that.  I wanted to hug him at that point.  Oh, and it turns out that the guy I saw operated on Tom’s knee approx 30 years ago. 

Thanks for stopping by …

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  1. 01/21/2011 6:57 pm

    Hope, Praying that you’ll soon have some relief from your pain.

  2. 01/22/2011 9:39 pm

    Thanks so much Sue. I truly appreciate it!

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