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Tom’s new TV …


For the past year Tom has been “casually” saying “We need a bigger TV in the game room.   I say “casually” because every few weeks I would find a Best Buy ad “casually” lying in my chair or on my reading table conveniently opened to the big screen TVs.   We were watching a 36″ old style tube model, which I lovingly called the 700 lb gorilla.  That thing was a pain in the you know what to get into place.  It didn’t have to go but about 25 feet from the car, but it was HEAVY!!!

Well, with the Steelers on the road the Super Bowl, Tom announced to me last Saturday at noon to “get dressed, we’re going to buy a TV”.  Well, I was quite shocked.  See what I didn’t know was that for the past few months my dear hubby had been working a different job at work with a higher hourly wage.  He put aside all the “extra” money he earned and was ready to get his 55″ flat screen.  All I can say is WOW — watching the AFC playoff game was really cool.  Today we upgraded the DirectTV received to the HD one and again all I can say is WOW.  I am soooooo looking forward to watching the Super Bowl on this one.

Here’s a picture of the proud Papa with his new baby …

Gotta love new toys.  I love to see him happy!

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  1. 01/31/2011 12:09 am

    Woohoo, a new tv for you two! At least you have a great reason to get one! If I wait for THAT reason to buy a new tv, I’ll be dead and buried! LOL
    Have fun watching your team play Sunday!

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