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Got my shot …


for my knee.  I’ve come to a conclusion that doctors lie.  Maybe for some people that’s OK, but not for me.  I outright asked him when we were discussing doing this “chicken shot” thing how bad it will hurt.  He said and I quote “no more than a normal shot”.  I’ve have cortisone shots in the heels of my feet for heel spurs and I asked him to compare it to that.  He said, and again I quote “this is nothing compared to THOSE”.  I guess I’m either naive or gullible and I believed him.  Will I EVER learn?  Probably not.  Let me tell you, this hurt WAY worse just putting the needle in, then he had to MOVE the needle twice to get the gel in different locations.   I am a “give it to me straight” kind of person.  I don’t like thing sugar-coated nor do I sugar-coat my opinions and advice.  I have been told many, many, many times that I am brutally honest.  I guess I deserve brutal honesty from all I am associated with.  If the dr. would have said “Yes, since this is a thick gel I have to use a huge needle and it going to hurt quite a bit and since I’m putting all this gel substance in your knee you won’t be able to bend your knee for a while and since the space in your knee is now filled with a foreign substance it is still going to hurt” would I have opted out of the shot and a chance for relief from my pain???  Hell no!!!  I would still have gotten the shot and endured the short time pain in the hope of a long term pain relief.  I just hope that someday this dr. has knee problems and his dr. is as much as a complete jackass as he is to his patients.

So, now the search for a new doctor begins.  I must do my research as to do I want to see another ortho guy or do I want to see an arthritis doctor.  Maybe a combo will help.  I going to wait a week and see what happens.  If it feels no better by this time next week, I guess my only option is to find an ortho who will consider doing a knee replacement and not letting me suffer another 10 -15 years in pain.  If I have to wait that long, I might as well just quit my job and never leave the house again because I won’t be able to get around if the pain does not diminish or go away.

On a happy note, today is FRIDAY!!!  Tomorrow Iola, Kathy and Jackie are coming to my house as it is my turn for our monthly play date!  I get to stamp with friends.  Wooo hoo.  Stamping and friends will put the pain on the back burner for a few hours and I will have some fun.

Happy weekend everyone!!!

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  1. Karen permalink
    03/10/2011 4:14 pm

    I too, have had those knee injections. Yes, it does hurt. I had both knees done in Feb…and the left injection just about sent me off the table. I do see an arthritis dr. I think I will be needing replacement surgery for the right knee, as it is much worse than the left one. I feel for ya…I live with it too.

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