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Stamping at Jackie’s …


I got to have some fun with Iola and our friends Jackie and Kathy in Jackie’s brand new stamp room.  I am sooo jealous of her gorgeous space.  Even with my knee pain, I was not going to miss out on the fun and seeing her new home and stamp room.

Here’s the room:

Iola, Jackie and Kathy deep in thought for our next project!!

And here are the fruits of our labors that day …

My contribution ... can you tell I was thinking spring!!

Iola's masterpiece - sentiment intentionally left blank

Kathy's Valentine --- don't tell Tom, but this is going to be his card for V-Day!

Since we were at Jackie’s, we put the pressure on her for ideas — 


I hope you enjoy the memories of our fun day.  We sure  had fun creating them!!! 

Quick knee update — got a cortizone shot on Friday.  It seems to have helped.  A good deal of the pain is gone.  Will talk with the dr. this week to see when he will begin the “chicken shots”!

Thanks for stopping by.  I’m off to my stamp room now to release some stress before the big game — GO STEELERS!


Tom’s new TV …


For the past year Tom has been “casually” saying “We need a bigger TV in the game room.   I say “casually” because every few weeks I would find a Best Buy ad “casually” lying in my chair or on my reading table conveniently opened to the big screen TVs.   We were watching a 36″ old style tube model, which I lovingly called the 700 lb gorilla.  That thing was a pain in the you know what to get into place.  It didn’t have to go but about 25 feet from the car, but it was HEAVY!!!

Well, with the Steelers on the road the Super Bowl, Tom announced to me last Saturday at noon to “get dressed, we’re going to buy a TV”.  Well, I was quite shocked.  See what I didn’t know was that for the past few months my dear hubby had been working a different job at work with a higher hourly wage.  He put aside all the “extra” money he earned and was ready to get his 55″ flat screen.  All I can say is WOW — watching the AFC playoff game was really cool.  Today we upgraded the DirectTV received to the HD one and again all I can say is WOW.  I am soooooo looking forward to watching the Super Bowl on this one.

Here’s a picture of the proud Papa with his new baby …

Gotta love new toys.  I love to see him happy!



Had my MRI yesterday afternoon.  Hopefully I will hear from the Dr. soon so that I know what’s down the road.  I’m praying that there are no floating cartlidge chips and the “chicken” shots can begin.  The gel substance that will be injected into my knee is made from the combs of chickens.  The dr. said that they are common referred to as chicken shots so that’s what I will call them.  If you see me with feathers, you’ll know why!!!

Knee …


The other day I “jarred” my knee.  I was walking on carpet and decided to stop and go a different way.  Well, from my knees up turned, but from the knees down did not.  My left knee emitted a loud pop and I saw stars from the pain.  I truly have no idea how I finished the day at work or how I got home.  For the next few days it seemed to feel OK.  A bit sore, but bearable (unfortunately I have a high pain tolerance so “bearable” to me was probably hurting pretty bad for normal people).  I did make an appt with the ortho for next Friday.  By yesterday, I was in some major pain.  I felt as if I would cry if I had to walk more than three steps.  So, I decided to just stay home and call the dr. first thing and hope they were having cancellations because we were having some snow.  Thank the Lord there were some cancellations and I got in.

The good news is that nothing is ripped or torn.  The bad news is that I have arthritic deterioration in both knees with the left being a bit worse.  The next step is an MRI on Tuesday.  If there are floating pieces of cartlidge, I will need surgery to remove them and then injections of a gel like substance to keep the knee lubricated.  If no “floaters”, I will begin the shots.  Hopefully some relief is on the way.

Sorry this wasn’t a stamping/craft related post, but I am really trying to keep my resolution of blogging more often.

So, send me some good thoughts because I am a real baby when it comes to shots.  The good thing was that when I mentioned getting cortizone shots in my heels for heel spurs, the ortho said these are nothing compared to that.  I wanted to hug him at that point.  Oh, and it turns out that the guy I saw operated on Tom’s knee approx 30 years ago. 

Thanks for stopping by …

Oh where oh where has my Mojo gone …


Oh where oh where can it be????

Come on, now … sing it with me!!!  I have not picked up a stamp or ink or paper since mid-December.  What is wrong with me???  Iola and our friend, Kathy, are having the same problem so I don’t feel so bad.  I am hoping to get into my craft room this week.  First I need to tidy it a bit and then I need to create, create, create!!!  By the time the weekend rolls around, I just want to hang with the hubster and attempt to stay warm.  Don’t even get me started on the weather.  Ick .. ick … ick  and more ick. 

And I’m also blaming my lack of stamping motivation on Christmas … see for Christmas I got a Nook (the Barnes and Noble version of a Kindle).  That has been taking up a bunch of my time.  You’ve got to explore to learn how to use it so I’ve spent a bit of time fiddling with it.

Well, it’s been 18 days since my New Year’s resolution to post more often … ummm as you can see I didn’t do well, but I am trying.

If I can post at least once a week I will feel that I’ve contributed to the blogging community.  Let’s see if I can hold myself to this!!

Thanks for stopping by … THINK SPRING!!!

HAPPY 2011


Well, it has finally arrived … 2011 is here. I am not a resolution maker, but I really want to try and be more diligent in my blogging. Sometimes there is just so much “stuff” floating around my old brain — Maybe if I use this blog as a release the top of my head won’t explode from overflow! So, if you’re interested in aimlessly ramblings this is the place to be.

I can’t start off the new year without mentioning the holidays. They are, of course, fun and family filled. I must give kudos to “Iola” for yet another fun filled Christmas Eve and the most wonderful ham on Christmas Day. I have had my fix of ham and ham gravy until Easter. Thanks “I”. You’ve pulled of wonderful Christmases for the past 10 years. Keep up the good work (because when you quit, I guess I’ll have to host something other than Good Friday dinner each year).

My “year in review” was basically uneventful. That’s a good thing in my book. Hopefully 2011 will hold the same (or better) for Tom and me. I always start the year by saying maybe this will be the year we win the lottery, but that’s just wishful dreaming. My hope for this year (as all others) is simple … health and happiness. We will probably we just as “poor” financially at this time next year, but as long as we are together, healthy and happy that’s all I can pray for.

May you and yours be healthy and happy in 2011.

Happy Halloween …


Well, it’s finally Halloween.  Even tho I don’t get any trick or treaters on my block, I am enjoying all the scary movies on TV.  Yea, that’s a guilty pleasure of mine … B (and even some C and D) rated stupid scary movies!!!  I tend to view them as comedy! 

Anywho … I’m still sharing some cards from my SHOTS weekend …

A lot of us have shoebox swaps available at our table … it gives us a chance to 1) accomplish something so that we have at least something to show for the 3.5 days of being aways from our families and 2) a chance to catch up and socialize in the event that we are working on a serious project …

Here is Karen’s shoebox —

This one is Debbie’s —

Funny story about this one — after gluing on each individual leaf, I made a comment like “this is really cute but gluing those leaves on were a pain”.  A few of the ladies just looked at me and said “I just put tape around the circle and stuck the leaves on”.  That was a real “DUHHH!” moment for me.

This one is Joyce’s —

And this one is Jacqueline’s —

Have a great Halloween everyone!  Don’t get too scared!